Do You Have It In You?

“German board games” has become a label known in gaming subculture throughout the world. Often easy to learn but less easy to win, these boardgames provide fun and challenge to growing numbers across all age ranges. Far from being kid’s play alone, they require tactical planning and intuition. What will your opponents do next? Can you pre-empt their actions? Should you join rather than beat them? Themes range from running a farm through re-tracing historical events to abstract brain-twisters. Modern board games are often playable by 5 or more gamers. They boost social interaction in groups, teamwork, language skills, the ability to concentrate, and logical thinking. Moving with rules, winning and losing gracefully are learned in a playful environment—literally. Most importantly, it is meeting and having fun together away from computers and the Internet that leads to new friendships during our events. Once a month since 2010, we offer a free board game event for gifted children and teenagers in Haar near Munich. Pre-registration is required. You can find our schedule at

Registration now open!  Gamedesignworkshop “Plan YOUR Game – Of digitalized worlds and transparent citizens” 09.-13.01.2017 at the Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing at Starnberger See / Bavaria